acca accredited universities in south africa 2024-2025

By | October 25, 2022

acca accredited universities in south africa 2024-2025

acca accredited universities in south africa 2024-2025

acca accredited universities in south africa 2024-2025

This page will give you much information about ACCA in South Africa.

Where in South Africa Can I Study Acca?

  • is it one of the highest-ranked institutes in South Africa? The Spectrium Graduate School of Business’s Johannesburg Business School is located here. IBTC is headquartered in Johannesburg. Johannesburg is the location of the Charter Quest. The Christian College of Christ is located in Braamfontein. Johannesburg’s Jumeriana Polytechnic. Some of South Africa’s most influential historical sites can be found at the SASOB in Cape Town. The ACCA Global Centres in Cape Town.

In South Africa, How Do I Become An Acca?

  • You must complete a practical experience course before, during, and after your examinations.
    Potential experience from both business sectors as well as business mergers and acquisitions (e.g. corporate, public, etc.).

Is Acca Accepted In South Africa?

  • In South Africa, as part of the National Qualification Framework, you will receive full accreditation as the ACCA Professional Qualification.

Which Is the Best Acca Studying Location?

  • We’ll look at where you can study for the ACCA around the world. The United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK) – Because the UK is such an important trade and business center, it not only boasts but also houses some of the world’s leading accounting firms.

Here is a list of ACCA courses in South Africa, along with their duration and cost:

Institute Name City Course Name Duration Course Fee
Spectrium Graduate School of Business Johannesburg ACCA 2 years R4 000 per module
IBTC Johannesburg ACCA 2 years R4 850 per subject
Charter Quest Johannesburg ACCA 6 months R5 000 per module
IMAS Braamfontein ACCA Diploma 3 years R38,200 per year
Polytechnic Johannesburg ACCA FM 4 months R4,600
SACOB Cape Town ACCA 3 years
ACCA Global Cape Town ACCA
COCA Braamfontein ACCA

What are South Africa’s Best ACCA Institutes?

  • Spectrium Graduate School of Business, Johannesburg
  • IBTC, Johannesburg
  • Charter Quest, Johannesburg
  • COCA, Braamfontein
  • Polytechnic, Johannesburg
  • SACOB, Cape Town
  • ACCA Global, Cape Town

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