bcc application 2024-2025

By | October 12, 2022

bcc application 2024-2025

bcc application 2024-2025

bcc application 2024-2025

Buffalo City Tvet College has invited all qualified candidates to submit applications for the class of 2024–2025. Applicants from all over the world are welcome to apply to the college.

The application deadline for Buffalo City TVET College is 2024.

  • The fact that submitting an application does not ensure acceptance into a program is crucial for applicants to comprehend. The deadline for submitting an online application is May 30. Application deadlines: Buffalo College accepts applications at various times throughout the year.

Buffalo TVET College’s Online Application Requirements for Admission

  • When submitting an application to the school, candidates need to satisfy the admission standards. For information on the prerequisites, go here.

Courses at the Buffalo TVET College Online

  • The Buffalo TVET College offers courses for students to take. Prospective students can click here to learn more about the courses that Buffalo TVET College offers.

How to Join Buffalo TVET College

  • Clicking this link will take you to information on how to apply to Buffalo TVET College for the current academic year.

The application cost for Buffalo TVET College

  • The 2024–2025 Buffalo TVET College Online application cost has been released. Learn more by clicking here.

Application for Buffalo TVET College

  • You may find information about the Buffalo TVET College application form here.

Buffalo TVET College Contact details

Central Office


Lukin Street, Southernwood,
East London, 5200
Tel:043 704 9200
Email: admin@bccollege.co.za


Mfaxa Street,N.U 1 Mdantsane
East London, 5200
Tel:043 051 2070
Email: admin@bccollege.co.za


17 King Street, Southernwood,
East London, 5200
Tel:043 722 4949
Email: admin@bccollege.co.za


St Marks Street, Southernwood,
East London, 5200
Tel:043 743 6554
Email: admin@bccollege.co.za

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