belgium university south africa 2024-2025

By | October 25, 2022

belgium university south africa 2024-2025

belgium university south africa 2024-2025

belgium university south africa 2024-2025

The Belgium University application is available in this post.

Belgium Campus Itversity South Africa

Belgium Campus iTversity was founded in 1999 with the intention of ensuring that all graduates are employable in a changing economic environment. The goal was to encourage our students’ innovation, forward-thinking, and aspirations in order to shape society’s future.

It was critical for us to focus on developing leading qualifications and upholding the highest academic standards for those who entrusted us with providing them with the foundations needed to excel in the Information Technology industry. With a student-centred approach, we strive to provide cutting-edge information and training methods to foster a fertile learning environment.

Belgium Campus Itversity South Africa Offered Courses | Programmes

Belgium Campus Itversity South Africa Tuition Fees

Course Registration Fees Full Payment Before 28 Feb Instalment 10 months Starting date: 28 Jan | 28 Feb | 28 Mar Instalment 11 months Starting date: 28 Jan | 28 Feb Instalment 12 months Starting date: 28 Jan Cost per Credit
Mathematics Bridging Course * R 500.00 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
MICT SETA National Certificate NQF 5 (Year 1) R 4,000.00 R 62,000.00 R 6,475.16 R 5,909.60 R5,438.36 R 516.67
MICT SETA Certificate NQF 6 (Year 1) R4,000.00 R 62,000.00 R6,475.16 R 5,909.60 R 5,438.36 R 516.67
Diploma NQF6 R4,000.00 R62,000.00 R6,475.16 R5,909.60 R5,438.36 R516.67
Diploma in Information Technology NID (Deaf students) R4,000.00 R137,800.00 R14,391.56 R13,134.57 R12,087.20 R1,148.00
Bachelor of Information Technology NQF 7 (3 years) R4,000.00 R 88,000.00 R9,190.55 R 8,387.83 R7,718.97 R733.33
Bachelor of Information Technology NID (Deaf students) R176,000.00 R18,381.09 R16,775.65 R15,437.94 R1,955.56
Bachelor of Information Technology NQF 7 Saturday Class (5 Years) R4,000.00 R 66,000.00 R6,892.91 R 6,290.87 R 5,789.23 R733.33
Bachelor of Computing NQF 8 (Year 1,2 & 3) R 4,000.00 R 98,000.00 R 10,234.93 R 9,340.99 R 8,596.12 R816.67
Diploma AIT 400 (Year 3) R- R 8,000.00 R 835.50 R 762.53 R 701.72
Bachelor of Computing AIT 400, excluding thesis (Year 4) R 8,000.00 R 835.50 R 762.53 R 701.72
Thesis R 14,000.00 R 1,462.13 R 1,334.43 R 1,228.02
Non-degree Purposes(NDP) Request a quote from the administration office

Belgium Itversity Campus South Africa Admission
A National Senior Certificate certified by Umalusi or an equivalent foreign qualification converted by the South African Qualifications Authority is required as a minimum (SAQA).

  • Certificate Programs• A National Senior Certificate that can be upgraded to a Higher Certificate. • A National Senior Certificate endorsed for a Diploma in Information Technology Programs of Study • A National Senior Certificate with a Degree endorsement.
    • 50% or higher in English on the NSC. Foreign students must present their SAQA converted qualification with English as a subject or take an English proficiency test.
    • 50% or higher on the NSC for pure mathematics. If you did not take pure mathematics or received less than a 50%, you have one more option for admission: attend our Mathematics Bridging Course. Only if you obtain the required marks (50% for BIT and 70% for BComp) will you be admitted. SAQA certificates are required for international students.

Belgium Campuses

  • Belgium Campus provides state-of-the-art facilities for our students, resulting in a constructive, one-of-a-kind, and tailored learning environment. Our goal is to provide our students with access to cutting-edge technology and a world-class education in a fun and welcoming environment.
  • We believe in equal access to education and provide our students with access to all of our facilities. We make certain that these facilities meet all student requirements, including those with special needs, to ensure that they are open and available to students.


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