best university to study geology in south africa 2024-2025

By | October 13, 2022

best university to study geology in south africa 2024-2025

best university to study geology in south africa 2024-2025

best university to study geology in south africa 2024-2025

Geology is the study of the Earth, the substances that make it up, their structures, and the forces at work on them.

The study of how Earth’s components, structures, processes, and creatures have evolved over time is a crucial component of geology.

Geology Schools In South Africa

The list of geology schools in South Africa is provided below.

  • University of Pretoria Department of Geology
  • UJ Department Of Geology
  • Wits University Geological Sciences
  • UCT Department of Geological Sciences
  • University Of The Free State

How many years does it take to study geology?

  • When can someone become a geologist? A geology bachelor’s degree program should take about four years to complete, and graduate school should take another two to six years to complete.

What does a geology course entail?
the science of geology

  • Geology is the study of the Earth, the substances that make it up, their structures, and the processes that affect them. The examination of how Earth’s components—materials, structures, processes, and organisms—have changed over time is a key component of geology.

What kind of training is required to become a geologist?

  • For most entry-level professions, geologists normally need at least a bachelor’s degree. Employers often favor candidates with a geosciences degree, while some geologists start out with degrees in engineering or environmental science. Certain geological positions call for a master’s degree.

Do people still need geologists?

  • Job Prospects From 2016 to 2026, it is anticipated that the employment of geoscientists would increase by 14%, faster than the average for all occupations. Future demand for geoscientists is anticipated to increase due to the need for energy, environmental protection, and responsible land and resource management.

Who is able to study geology?

  • A geologist is sometimes referred to as an engineering geologist, a geophysicist, and an earth scientist. Earth activities like earthquakes, landslides, floods, and volcanic eruptions are studied by geologists.

What are the salaries of geologists in South Africa?

  • In South Africa, the average monthly salary for a geologist is roughly 44,700 ZAR. The lowest salary is 20,600 ZAR, while the highest is 71,100 ZAR (highest). This is the typical monthly wage, which also includes housing, transportation, and other amenities.

Subjects in High School Required for Geology in South Africa

Physical science and mathematics are required subjects.

suggested topics: Geography


  • Pass matric with a Bachelor’s pass
  • Meet the admission requirements (APS) set by the university.

How to Register As A Geologist In South Africa

  • A BSc (Hons) degree or a 4-year BTech degree in Geology from a university of technology is the minimal requirement for registration as a professional natural scientist (Geology) with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions. At the majority of South African universities, postgraduate study (for master’s and doctoral degrees) is an option.
  • Students at technology universities become certified as geotechnologists and collaborate often with geologists in a variety of sectors.

Job Opportunities For Geologists

  • petroleum and mining companies
  • consulting geology, geophysics, engineering firms
  • government departments (Geological Survey, Water Affairs, Museums)
  • Chamber of Mines
  • CSIR
  • Council for Mineral Technology (MINTEK)
  • civil engineering firms
  • universities of technology and universities
  • self-employed, as a consultant

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