cfa accredited universities in south africa 2024-2025

By | October 13, 2022

cfa accredited universities in south africa 2024-2025

cfa accredited universities in south africa 2024-2025

cfa accredited universities in south africa 2024-2025

A career in wealth management, financial planning, or investment management may be pursued with the help of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) curriculum, which is geared toward professionals, graduate students, and undergraduates.

The program is well-known worldwide and gives Charter holders the chance to look for work anywhere in the world.

How do you earn your CFA charter?

  • To be eligible, you must sign up and take the following tests: Levels I, II, and III of the CFA Institute
  • DURATION: 3 years at a minimum
  • Level I CFA (1 Year) CFA Level II, I (1 Year) I Level III CFA (1 Year)


  • possess a bachelor’s degree (or an equivalent) or be enrolled in their last year of a bachelor’s program.

who ought to sign up for this program?

  • anyone who wants to work in the fields of wealth management, investment management, or financial planning.

Schools Offering This Program In South Africa

  • International Business Training College IBTC
  • CFA Institute
  • Spectrium Graduate School Of Business
  • College of Chartered Accountants
  • Financial Training Institution South Africa
  • South African College Of Business

What is the salary of a CFA in South Africa?

  • Based on 22 salaries, the average total income for a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in their early careers with 1-4 years of experience is R524,023.
  • Based on 13 salaries, the average total pay for a mid-career Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with 5–9 years of experience is R616,976.

How many people in South Africa are CFA Charter Holders?

  • There are now about 1700 members of the CFA Society South Africa, the bulk of whom hold CFA Charters. Investment professionals at all levels and across the sector recognize the personal and social benefits of social participation.

Is CFA challenging to pass?

  • The CFA examinations are quite challenging in general, but applicants can improve their chances of passing by devoting more than 300 hours to studying, using different preparation tools, completing as many practice questions as they can, and developing a planned study schedule.

What Sets CFA and MBA Apart?

  • It is highly sought after by investment professionals and less generic than an MBA. Due to the program’s emphasis on independent study rather than attending classes, gaining a CFA credential is less expensive than obtaining an MBA. Exam fees are the sole mandatory expenditure.

Do you have to ace each of the CFA exams?

  • After failing a level in the CFA Program, many applicants decide against continuing because of the enormous amount of time that must be spent studying. Each candidate needs to pass each of the three exams and have four years of qualifying work experience in investment decision-making in order to be granted a charter.

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