CPUT Short Courses 2024-2025

By | September 28, 2022

CPUT Short Courses 2024-2025

CPUT Short Courses 2024-2025

CPUT Short Courses 2024-2025

This page contains more information about CPUT Short Courses 2024-2025. Continue reading to learn more.

  • The Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s short courses application is now fully open for enrollment applications. The publications listed below contain instructions on how to approach CPUT short courses.

Documents Needed for the CPUT Short Course

The application form must be accompanied by the following list of supporting documents. Check that the certified copies are not older than three months. If documents are found to be invalid, the CPUT retains the authority to take legal action.

  • a true copy of the front page of your identity card or document
  • a certification of your greatest level of education.
  • International students must have a current study visa and proof of ongoing health insurance.

Payment of Fees

  • All costs must be paid in full prior to the start of the short course. On-campus cash payments can be made at the cashier’s office. When making a purchase, give the cashier your student number, which you were given by the course administrator, as a reference. If you wish to pay by electronic financial transfer (EFT), you must provide proof of payment to your course administrator.

If your employer is covering your course costs and they are:

  • a government agency or parastatal
  • A letter committing the company to cover the course fee is required.
  • Following that, the course administrator will send an invoice to the employer.
  • company or other corporate entity
  • The course fee is paid in advance by either the employer or the applicant.
  • In the second scenario, the applicant asks his or her employer to reimburse him or her for the course fees paid.

Application for Short Courses through the CPUT

Applicants must be aware of:

  • All applicants for a short course at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology must fill out this application form completely and attach certified copies of all supporting documentation.
  • Once completed and the supporting documentation attached, the course administrator in charge of the short course you will be attending must receive this application form. Consult the website to find out who to contact as the course administrator. After your application has been reviewed and accepted, the course administrator will assign you a student number.

The application form for CPUT Short courses is available for download here.

To access the courses, go here.

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