east london university south africa 2024-2025

By | October 13, 2022

east london university south africa  2024-2025

east london university south africa  2024-2025

east london university south africa  2024-2025

East London University information One of the top private universities in the nation, East London University was established in 1998. More than 2,300 students from 27 different nations and all regions of South Africa call the university’s S1-hectare campus, a few kilometers south of East London’s CBD, home. Students at East London University set out on a personal educational journey that aids them in discovering and pursuing their unique purposes, regardless of what they study. Mission and Objectives Students at East London University have access to higher education programs that help them gain the information and abilities they need to succeed in their careers, enhance the effectiveness of their organizations, and serve as leaders and volunteers in their communities.

Purpose is to encourage the use of the knowledge gained in the classroom—knowledge, skills, and values—in the student’s place of employment. To increase students’ chances of achieving career success by helping them become competent in communication, critical thinking, cooperation, and information use. To deliver instruction that bridges the gap between theory and practice by employing professors who bring to the classroom not just extensive academic training but also practical knowledge gained through ongoing professional activity.

Utilizing technology to provide efficient teaching strategies that increase student learning, increase cooperation and communication, and increase access to learning materials to evaluate student learning and make adjustments to the curriculum, education, learning resources, counseling, and student services using the results of the evaluation. being set up as a private university in order to promote an innovative mindset that focuses on offering the working student convenience, excellence, and academic quality. to create the funding required to support the purpose of the university. This institution provides courses in: English


  • Master in Corporate Communications
    Master in Film & Visual Arts
    Master in Fashion Design
    Master in Marketing
    Master in Web Development
    Master in Finance
    Master En Design De Mode
    Master En Marketing
    Master Dans Le Développement Web
    Master En Cinéma Et Arts Visuels

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