MUT Accommodation 2024-2025

By | October 6, 2022

MUT Accommodation 2024-2025

MUT Accommodation 2024-2025

MUT Accommodation 2024-2025

If you want to know about MUT residence, continue reading from this page.

Student Housing Unit

  • The mission of the Student Housing Unit is to provide a home-away-from-home environment. Each residence hall provides students with the opportunity to meet people from various backgrounds and cultures and to develop a sense of community within their own building. By providing a conducive environment for living and learning, the Student Housing Unit supports MUT’s core functions of teaching and learning, research, and community engagement. In accordance with the University’s vision, mission, and core values, the Unit subscribes to the concept of diversity and multiculturalism, as well as respect for differences within the student body.
  • While each residence at MUT has a distinct design, features, and amenities, all residences provide adequate accommodation, facilities, and resources. Both on-campus and off-campus student housing facilities provide comparable access and control mechanisms, established governance, a formal management structure, as well as fundamental and reasonable accommodations that are helpful for living and learning.


There are a total of 27 residences at the university.

  • Main Campus | Executive Hotel | Barnard Close | Astra Hotel | Palmerston Hotel | Ponyton House | 385 Smith Street | Fessifern Grand lodge | Victoria Embankment | Colonial | Adrain Road | Sha Jahan | Bombo House | Pilglen Mews | Seaboard | Berea Court | Plaza Lodge | Lonsdale Hotel | Durban House | Carmel Court | Botanical Bliss | NRB Field Street | Ubombo | Ark Royal Gladdington 

Villa Mzimba (Private accommodation) | Radds Lodge (Private accommodation) | The Palace (Private accommodation) 


  • The majority of the rooms in the residence halls are double occupancy, but there are some singles, triples, quads, and a few five-person rooms. Each room has a twin-sized bed, a dresser, a closet, a desk, and a chair for each occupant. There is also WiFi access. While amenities differ slightly between buildings, they typically include kitchens with microwaves, laundry rooms, TV and study lounges, and meeting rooms.

MUT Residence

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