Nsfas Laptop Application 2024-2025

By | August 29, 2022

Nsfas Laptop Application 2024-2025

Nsfas Laptop Application 2024-2025

Nsfas Laptop Application 2024-2025

Nsfas Laptop Application 2024-2025: NSFAS will make an online application available for NSFAS students to apply for laptops through the NSFAS portal. Laptop fees for NSFAS students will be deducted from your learning material allowance over a period of 2 years unless you are a final year student. Laptop fees for final-year students will be deducted from the 2023 learning material allowance. Please note that laptop fees will not be deducted from meal allowances. NSFAS students can only receive a laptop once. If you already received a laptop in 2023 through the institutional process you will not qualify to receive a laptop again. The application for laptops at the institution is only for NSFAS-funded students and you should use this application process.


Students will need the following document to apply:

  • South African ID number
  • Student number
  • Contact details
  • Name of the institution registered at
  • Home address



  1. Click here to visit the NSFAS website.
  2. Select “myNSFAS” on the top right of the screen.
  3. Tap on “Click to order your NSFAS Laptop Online”.
  4. Fill in your ID number and all the other information required.


How To Collect Your Laptop

Once the verification process is complete, will place an order for your laptop with our service providers to dispatch the device for delivery. Once your laptop is ready, you will be called by the laptop service provider or your institution to arrange collection/delivery.

Remember, once you are contacted for the delivery and collection of the device, no one can receive/collect the laptop on your behalf, you must be present and sign before it is handed over to you.



For more information on nsfas click here

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