rhodes university south africa 2024-2025

By | October 10, 2022

rhodes university south africa 2024-2025

rhodes university south africa 2024-2025

rhodes university south africa 2024-2025

Applications to Rhodes University are now being accepted for 2024–2025. For the upcoming academic year, Rhodes University encourages prospective students to submit their online or paper applications as soon as possible. Rhodes offers a variety of short courses, part-time, online, and undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees and diplomas.
  • The following application deadline needs to be understood by applicants: On or before September 30, the Rhodes online application for 2024–2025 is anticipated to close. The Rhodes University application portal is expected to close on the same day. Try to read this paragraph as slowly as you can.
  • The processing of your application will be delayed if your application form is incomplete or inaccurate. Please be aware that giving false information will prompt immediate
  • By submitting a college application, you can show the admissions committee that you are eager and ready to significantly contribute to the Rhodes classroom and community. Prospective students may submit an online application to Rhode University for the following faculties and fields to continue their studies:
  • To ensure that all admissions applications reach Rhodes University, they must be submitted online during the designated application period. Additionally, it is advised that you submit your application prior to the deadline and include all required materials for the RU Online Application.

The requirements for applying to Rhodes University

  • number of students.
  • a replica of your official academic records.
  • a statement confirming the payment of your registration fee (see “Fees”).
  • A copy of the deposit slip would be useful if you have made a deposit into the university account.
  • If you have received a bursary award letter, a copy must have been faxed to the fees office.
  • Graduates’ final NSC, A level, and IGCSE scores.
  • Students transferring: Your former school’s course schedule and transcript.
  • overseas learners:
  • Until January 21st, proof of initial fee (IF) clearance.
  • Passport with a valid Rhodes University study visa only.
  • a membership card for medical assistance that Consultants, Simeka Health (Pty) Ltd. can confirm
  • If your A-level or IGCSE results are not yet available when you register, you won’t be able to enroll until they are made public.
  • If you pre-registered, please provide your confirmation number.

Fees for applications

  • By September 30th, all new applicants must have their applications in to be considered for admission to the university. This deadline must be met in order for foreign applicants to be considered.
  • With their initial admissions applications, all applicants are required to submit an R100 non-refundable application fee. Late applications will be considered.
  • No applications from international students will be taken into consideration after September 30.

Student fees (estimate)

  • R36 050 to R65 075 (this varies from degree to degree) (this varies from degree to degree)
  • Spend about R6 050 on books and office supplies.
  • Please take note that the fees shown ARE NOT inclusive of travel costs or gratuities.

Living expenses

  • R68 987 to R72 428 (this includes all meals but excludes vacations) (this includes all meals but excludes vacations)
  • The choice of accommodation grade affects the residence fees as well.

Admission fees for classes

  • On acceptance of an academic position at the university, this deposit is due.
    R800 is the fee due in 2022.
  • The letter of acceptance specifies a deadline by which this deposit must be paid.
  • If the student decides not to enroll at the university, the deposit is non-refundable and will be lost.

a fee for accepting a home

  • Before a student is assigned to a residence, they must pay an R1,000.00 residence deposit after accepting a spot at the university.
  • If the student does not register and move into a residence for at least one term, this deposit is non-refundable and will be forfeited to the university.

Apply on the web

  • Using your email address and a password, register for the system online at https://ross.ru.ac.za.
  • You will then receive an email with a link to activate your account.
  • Click the link to make your registration active.
  • Your return to ROSS will require you to choose the Admission or Other buttons (clicking the right button here is important)
  • The username and password you created in step one can then be used to log in.
  • Click the button to confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions after finishing your application.
  • You are required to pay the R100 application fee once your application has been submitted. The system provides a number of options.
  • Make sure to email the deposit slip with your application number as a reference if you use a bank to pay your application fee.
  • Your application will be processed after you have completed the aforementioned steps, at which point you will be given a student number and login.


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