somatology university of pretoria 2024-2025

By | November 2, 2022

somatology university of pretoria 2024-2025

somatology university of pretoria 2024-2025

somatology university of pretoria 2024-2025

Somatology is the study of how individuals interact with their bodies and with their surroundings, including how we perceive our bodies. Somatology research, according to some, encompasses lifestyle, diet, mental health, movement, and exercise.

Where in South Africa can I study somatology?
Somatology is the study of the human body. It is a physical examination that includes analyzing the patient’s health and providing appropriate therapy. There are numerous universities in South Africa that offer somatology programs, however some of the most prestigious are the

  • The University of Cape Town,
  • the University of Pretoria
  • Potchefstroom Academy in South Africa
  • Centurion Akademie /Academy
  • Potchefstroom Academy And Saahst

What are the chances for a South African somatologist?

  • Somatologists are specialists that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal illnesses. Somatologists are in scarce supply in South Africa, and it is unclear what their future prospects are.

A somatologist’s future prospects in South Africa are determined by various aspects, including:

  • – The type of practice they work in
  • – The type of patients they work with
  • – Their geographic location

Somatology Research Criteria

  • Minimum National Senior Certificate (matric) + confirmation from the South African Matriculation Board confirming that the candidate registering for the somatology degree is eligible for diploma studies at a higher education institute (other alternative criteria may also be considered for course acceptance).
  • Three years of full-time study, completed in three thorough course modules, each one developing and expanding on the preceding year’s knowledge and skills.
  • The course contents and content comprise a substantial amount of theoretical and practical teaching and training. Business management and planning are also included because a professional, successful somatology practice is built on business fundamentals, which some beauty treatment schools may overlook in their course content.

Pretoria and Stellenbosch Isa Carstens Somatology Course

  • Modern somatology degrees are available at two Isa Carstens campuses in Pretoria and Stellenbosch, both of which are noted for their excellent higher education facilities and universities.
  • Our Pretoria Institute of Tertiary Teaching and Training is the newer of the two academies, with Stellenbosch’s Somatology College founded in 1978 by Mrs. Isa Carstens. Both academies are also very near to the main campus of each university.

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