stellenbosch university cape town 2024-2025

By | October 20, 2022

stellenbosch university cape town 2024-2025

stellenbosch university cape town 2024-2025

stellenbosch university cape town 2024-2025

Stellenbosch University, founded in 1918 and located in the country’s oldest town, is regarded as one of South Africa’s four leading research universities. The Stellenbosch Faculty of Health Sciences has 3,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students; on average, 160 experts are trained there each year. The Stellenbosch University Medical School/Tygerberg Hospital complex is located in Parow Valley, 30 minutes from the main campus and 25 minutes from Cape Town.

Tygerberg Hospital was founded in 1976 and is a teaching hospital for the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Stellenbosch, the University of Western Cape, and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The hospital currently contains about 1,300 beds, including a 300-bed children’s hospital, a day surgery center, a dental facility, research facilities, and nurse, student, and doctor apartments. Every year, around 500,000 outpatients attend and over 90,000 are hospitalized. Other specialists and sub-specialist services include a hearing aid center, a mental health center, a clinical retinal laboratory, a complex craniofacial surgery unit, in-vitro fertilization, a human genetics laboratory, a tuberculosis clinical work unit, a social work unit, and a hyperbaric oxygen facility.

  • Dates: Various
  • Length of rotations: Four to six weeks
  • Location:┬áCape Town, South Africa
  • Language requirement: None
  • Student level: M4s
  • Please keep in mind that Stellenbosch accommodates a large number of overseas students and that applications from visiting medical students must be submitted eight months in advance of the desired trip dates.
  • Hope/Kid Cru rotation on Infectious Disease and Family and Community Medicine; a maximum of six Feinberg students may visit Tygerberg Hospital per month.

Is Stellenbosch University better than UCT?

  • UCT ranks significantly higher in worldwide rankings, owing mostly to its scholarly output and international focus. But, in all honesty, both colleges are on par in a number of areas. UCT is a national and international leader in medical research. Its international position attracts more top minds than Stellenbosch, but that doesn’t make it a suitable choice for an undergraduate degree. Furthermore, in order to have a somewhat clearer view, one would need to have completed a degree at each university. My opinion is that it doesn’t really matter which of the two you choose; both are recognized to produce good grades, at least in medicine.

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