tvet colleges open for late applications 2024-2025

By | September 14, 2022

tvet colleges open for late applications 2024-2025

tvet colleges open for late applications 2024-2025

tvet colleges open for late applications 2024-2025

Learn more about tvet colleges open for late applications 2024-2025 from this page.

  • South Africa has 52 accredited public Tvet colleges.
    Between 2019 and 2020, the Department of Higher Education and Training has made it possible to reach a target of 1 238 000 students in TVET Colleges.
    Tvet Colleges are currently enrolling a large number of South Africans, demonstrating their continued growth.
  • The term ‘Technical and Vocational Education and Training’ refers to the vocational or occupational nature of the programs, which are designed to prepare students for a specific job, a variety of career options, or self-employment.
    TVET institutions primarily educate young people in order for them to acquire job-related skills, knowledge, and attitudes. They assist students who want to enroll in vocational courses. tvet colleges accept late applications in 2024-2025


  • Applications are accepted all year. Forms are, however, available from September to November each year.


NCV Courses

  • Civil and Engineering Construction
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction
  • Engineering & Related Design
  • Generic Management
  • Office Administration

Report 191 Business Studies

  • Business Management
  • Educare
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Assistant


Students interested in studying at the College must have the following documentation on hand before beginning the application process:

  • Certified copy of an identity document/passport
  • A copy of your Senior Certificate or highest qualification certified proof of your parents’ or guardians’ residence address, or
  • a municipal account is all required.
  • A valid Study Permit
  • South Africa is an African country.
  • The Qualification Authority has approved foreign qualifications.


The application process for the College is outlined here.

  • Step 1: Go to the school’s campus and pick up an application form.
    To avoid having your application rejected, make sure you submit it before the deadline.
  • Step 2: Complete the application form and include all supporting documentation.
  • Step 3: Remember that you’ll need an email address to complete the form; if you don’t already have one, get one now.
    Also, make sure your cell phone number is correct on the form so that the school can text you if something goes wrong.
  • Step 4: As stated above, a full application must include a certified copy of your ID as well as a certified copy of your most recent school results.


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