tvet colleges that offer fashion design 2024-2025

By | October 14, 2022

tvet colleges that offer fashion design 2024-2025

tvet colleges that offer fashion design 2024-2025

tvet colleges that offer fashion design 2024-2025

We think of beautiful outfits, intriguing prints and colors, accessories, and loads of sparkle and glamour when we hear the phrase “fashion design.”

Clothing and fashion are extensions of our identities. A fashion designer understands the needs of the user. They design clothing that allows wearers to blend in or stand out and make a statement.

But how frequently do we consider the actual fashion design process?
From concept conception to sketches, fabric choosing, pattern making, sample fabrication, and finalisation, fashion designers meticulously work through each stage to produce the ideal garment that we all want to own.

A fashion design student can specialize in clothing design, collaborate with well-known brands, forecast fashion trends, style celebrities, work in fashion journalism and public relations, and even open their own fashion store!

Here are a few places in South Africa where you can study fashion design:

  • Cape Town College of Fashion Design
  • Vega School
  • Inscape
  • Damelin
  • Design Academy of Fashion

The benefit of studying fashion design at any of these colleges is that you will be learning from experts who have been in the industry for a long time. You can learn from them and get feedback from lecturers.

Fashion designing is the most fantastic and varied design job available. You will have the opportunity to learn about clothing, accessories, and designs that can be used for styling purposes. Fashion design is a lucrative career that is in high demand these days.

To apply for LISOF Fashion Design School Late Application 2024, please see the instructions below.

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