tvet colleges that offer social work 2024-2025

By | October 13, 2022

tvet colleges that offer social work 2024-2025

tvet colleges that offer social work 2024-2025

tvet colleges that offer social work 2024-2025

Becoming a social worker can be a difficult job because a social worker’s primary role is to assist vulnerable people in overcoming their problems. The following colleges offer social worker programs.

Many South African schools offer Social Work programmes, including the University of Cape Town, Unisa, the University of Johannesburg, the University of the Western Cape, and Stellenbosch University, but there are also a few colleges that provide social worker degrees.

The following universities provide social work courses:

  • CEFA
  • The South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP)

Depending on the level of social work qualification you have, there is a range of fields you can enter after earning that qualification.

The following are social work sectors:

  • Social development
  • Social policy
  • Community development
  • Family development and guidance
  • Violence and abuse
  • Social work intervention with children and youth
  • Foster care and adoption
  • Statutory services
  • Gerontology (old age, the process of aging, and the particular challenges faced by old people)
  • Crime prevention
  • Health and mental health
  • Substance abuse
  • People with disabilities
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Academia and research

A social worker assists people in overcoming challenging obstacles in their lives. They assist people in overcoming a range of issues that afflict communities, such as poverty, addiction, unemployment, handicap, abuse, and mental illness.

Social workers require a wide range of skills, including professional, emotional, and cognitive abilities, because their clients frequently have particular requirements that necessitate adapting to the situation and developing a treatment plan.

TVET Colleges That Offer Social Work

  • Social work is a career that focuses on assisting individuals, groups, and communities in advancing their prosperity by providing them with access to various resources, care, and assistance. — To be a competent social worker, one must have a social work degree as well as a number of interpersonal abilities and attributes. Social work is both a practical career and a subject of study that fosters societal change and advancement, social cohesiveness, and individual empowerment and freedom. The essential concepts of social work include social equality, human rights, civic responsibility, and respect for differences. Supported by social work, social science, humanities, and inborn information hypotheses, social work binds people and systems to deal with life’s obstacles and enhance prosperity.

Programs Offered At TVET Colleges That Offer Social Work

  • 1. The University of Pretoria offers a bachelor’s degree program in social work (BSW) as well as a variety of postgraduate degrees in criminology and social work. The impact of social difficulties caused by people interacting with their surroundings is a topic studied by criminology and social work.
  • 2. Wits University: The BA in Social Work is a four-year professional degree program at Wits University. You will learn about social work’s professional ethics and procedures during the four-year program, in addition to various intervention methods, the legal system, research techniques, and the ideas and theories that the field is based on.
  • 3. Stellenbosch University: The South African Council for Higher Education has accredited Stellenbosch University’s four-year Bachelor’s and Master’s programs (minimum one-year registration)
  • 4. University of Johannesburg UJ: This four-year degree is available full-time at the Auckland Park Campus. Students majoring in social work (fourth year), psychology, or sociology must enroll in specialist courses in the humanities faculty (one up to 3rd year level).
  • 5. The Unisa; BSW2605 course involves up to 140 hours of work-integrated learning that must be completed in a real-world setting at an approved organization while being supervised by a licensed social worker. To account for the practicum, full-time BSW students may register for up to 144 credits per year.
  • 6. University of Zululand. One of the best public colleges in South Africa that offers social work courses is the University of Zululand. The courses offered include a doctor of philosophy in social work, a master’s degree in social work, and a bachelor’s degree in social work.
  • 7. University of Western Cape; Depending on their preferred primary subject, students may choose to take four modules of psychology and two of social sciences in place of the required four social work modules.
  • 8. Nelson Mandela University; This program consists of foundational and core modules that are required to be taken, as well as a selection of elective courses that the student can choose from based on their interests. An essential component of the degree at the second-year level is practical work. Graduates are eligible to register with the Council for Social Service Professions as social workers.
  • 9. University of the Free State; The department of social work at the university grants a BSW and a Masters in Social Work. MSW
  • 10. North-West University. The four-year Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program is offered by North-West University.

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