university of south africa courses 2024-2025

By | October 7, 2022

university of south africa courses 2024-2025

university of south africa courses 2024-2025

university of south africa courses 2024-2025

This page provides information about Unisa courses for all prospective students. Look it up on the internet.

Learn more about Unisa’s online courses for the 2024-2025 academic year.


The College of Economic and Management Sciences (CEMS) and the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology (CSET) make up the Department of Decision Sciences (CSET). There are three levels of courses:

  • Undergraduate (three years full-time, 4-6 years part-time)
  • Honors (one year full-time, 2-4 years part-time)
  • Master’s (two years full time, 2-4 years part-time)
  • Doctoral (two years full-time, 3-6 years part-time)

Undergraduate qualifications

Decision Sciences modules (for example, Operations Research or Quantitative Management) can be pursued as a major for the following undergraduate degrees.

  • BCom Generic (98314 – GEN)
  • BCom Quantitative Management (98311 – QMA)
  • BSc General (98801 – GEN)

Honors degrees & postgraduate diplomas

  • BCom Hons Financial Modelling (98350)
  • BSc Hons Operations Research (90078)

Master’s (M) and doctoral (D) qualifications

  • Master of Commerce (MCom) in Quantitative Management (98701)
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Operations Research (98597)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Operations Research (98598)

Unisa accepts online applications for admission to the MSc/MCom or Ph.D. programs. Please send all relevant and necessary documentation. We are now accepting M and D students outside of the usual Unisa registration windows as of June 2015. To be admitted to the dissertation/thesis section, students must successfully complete a research proposal.

Prospective students should review the admission requirements on the Unisa website before emailing the following information to for preliminary advice on Master’s and Doctoral qualifications, as well as a potential recommendation that could speed up the process:

  • an extensive resume
  • a certified copy of your ID or passport’s photo page, as well as your entire academic record (official transcripts)
  • Admission to the master’s program requires a copy of the master’s thesis or honors research project (for admission to the Ph.D.)
  • A one-page statement of interest outlining a potential research topic or topics, along with any previous Unisa student number(s), if applicable (s).


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