WSU Online application requirements 2024-2025

By | October 3, 2022

WSU Online application requirements 2024-2025

WSU Online application requirements 2024-2025

WSU Online application requirements 2024-2025

The information regarding the Walter Sisulu University (WSU) Online application requirements for the academic year 2024-2025 is available on this page.

Application requirements for WSU Online 2024-2025 admissions

involvement in undergraduate studies

  • Only candidates whose National Senior Certificate (NSC) results show that the learner has met the requirements for admission to a bachelor’s degree, i.e. has been endorsed for a bachelor’s degree, will be admitted to the bachelor’s degree program.
  • Only applicants with a Matriculation Exemption endorsement would be considered for admission under the old Senior Certificate.

System of Admission Points (APS)

  • To admit students, the Faculty of Education employs a point system.
  • The points for each NSC subject are then calculated based on the achievement levels.
  • The total Admission Point Score will be calculated using points (APS).
  • A bachelor’s degree requires an APS of at least 26.
  • The Admissions Committee of the Faculty of Education considered the administration of entrance point scores as suggested by Universities South Africa (Usaf).
  • The Committee recognizes the significance of the breakdown of achievement levels because it assists students whose work is superior to others.
  • According to the Usaf plan, the points will be distributed as follows:
NSC % per Subject Points
91% 9,1
86% 8,6
82% 8,2
79% 7,9
64% 6,4
55% 5,5
43% 4,3
39% 3,9
31% 3,1
30% 3,0
29% 2,9
28% 2,8
27% 2,7
26% 2,6
25% 2,5
  • The above division will assist the department in admitting students based on their performance, as opposed to the previous point system, in which a learner with 70% and a learner with 79 percent would both receive 7 points.
  • It should be noted that the aforementioned score system does not consider life orientation or mathematical literacy.
  • These two each receive the following number of points:
NSC % per Subject    Points
90% – 100% 5
80% – 89% 4
79% – 79% 3
60% – 69% 2
50% – 59% 1
40% – 49% 0
30% – 30% 0
0 – 29%

Criteria for Admission by Program

  • qualification in education (FP)
  • A Senior Certificate with a Matriculation Exemption Endorsement, two or more E (HG) or D (SG) grades in isiXhosa HL, English FAL or HL, Mathematics, and a pass in any two other school subjects are the minimum requirements for graduation from high school.

NSC Minimum Conditions

  • An NSC achievement rating of at least level 2 (30-39%) in mathematics or level 4 (50-59%) in mathematical literacy is required for bachelor’s endorsement.
  • It must be at least level 4 in IsiXhosa (50-59%) and level 5 in English (60-69%). choose at least two more level three subjects (40-49 percent ).
  • The languages of study and instruction, IsiXhosa and English, must be mastered.
  • Candidates with foundation phase or early childhood development (ECD) level 5 EDTP SETA certifications will be considered.
  • WSU General Rules and Regulations Rule 1.7 exempts Senior Certificate holders from the mature age requirement.

Documents required of International Students

  • To have your school records or other degree or diploma certificates evaluated, you must submit an application to Universities in South Africa (Usaf).
  • As soon as you receive the results from USAF, you can begin the application process and upload the results and a copy of your passport.
  • For more information, please contact the CCIP headquarters at

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