best commerce university in south africa 2024-2025

By | October 14, 2022

best commerce university in south africa 2024-2025

best commerce university in south africa 2024-2025

best commerce university in south africa 2024-2025

The study of the exchange of products and services between suppliers and customers is known as commerce. It investigates transactions at all levels — local, national, and international — and investigates the effects of globalization and marketing on commercial activity and economic growth.

Commerce covers a wide range of topics, from investing to buying and selling, from profit to sustainable company practices, from product packaging and distribution to supply and demand, and everything in between. One of the most recent and significant advancements is E-commerce, or Electronic Commerce, which refers to the online purchase or sale of goods or services.

Trade, transportation, warehousing, insurance, banking, advertising, and marketing are the major branches of commerce. Some of these areas are specialized subdisciplines of Commerce, while others, such as advertising, banking, or marketing, are distinct disciplines that fall under the umbrella of the Business sector.

Financial Accounting, Business Analytics, Micro and Macroeconomics, Statistics, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Principles of Economics, Business Communication, Branding, and other disciplines are common in a Commerce degree.

Because trading is such an important part of daily life, graduates in commerce can readily find jobs in corporations, small enterprises, non-profit organizations, banks, outsourcing, insurance, audit, consulting firms, governmental agencies, or the e-commerce industry.

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