Wits online application dates 2024-2025

By | September 26, 2022

Wits online application dates 2024-2025

Wits online application dates 2024-2025

Wits online application dates 2024-2025

On this page, you can find out more about the 2024–2025 Wits online application dates.

  • The University of the Witwatersrand, or Wits, now allows returning undergraduate and graduate students to register online. Continue reading for a complete list of 2024’s pre-registration, registration, and registration papers.


The following deadlines should be kept in mind by applicants:

  • The deadline for WITS Admission Registration 2024/2025 is set for September 2024.
  • The deadline for undergraduate applications to all Health Sciences programs, Architecture, Audiology, Film and Television, and Speech-Language Pathology is June 2024.
  • On the same day, the University of the Witwatersrand application portal is anticipated to close.

The Witwatersrand University’s online application process

STEP 1 – Fill out an online application

  • Visit www.wits.ac.za/applications/ to submit an online application.
  • You may apply for up to three degrees (order of choice does not matter).
  • If you want to apply to two programs in the same faculty, it is recommended that you apply to one program in a less restrictive faculty (e.g. Humanities, Commerce, or Science).
  • Especially if you’re applying to programs at institutions like the faculties of engineering or health sciences, keep your options open.
  • There is an application fee of R700 for foreign applicants and R300 for South African citizens.

Additional Forms

Is there an additional selection procedure for your degree program?

  • National Benchmark Testing, performances, and portfolio and essay submissions are additional selection criteria for some degrees. Please review the Additional Forms below to see if this applies to you.

STEP 2 – Application Acknowledgement

  • All correspondence from the university will be available on the student self-service website, which can be reached at https://self-service.wits.ac.za.
  • In the email acknowledging receipt, a personal number will be provided (which will become your student number).
  • On the student self-service site at https://self-service.wits.ac.za, all correspondence from the university will be accessible.
  • To find out how your application is doing and what needs to be done, frequently check the student self-service website.

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